Russian Deadlift Complete Guide with Variations

Russian Deadlift

Deadlifts build up your legs, hips, back, and even increase core stability. Russian Deadlift is a great variation of the Deadlift. It does the job of regular Deadlift and minimizes the risk of injury to you. This is a must-have exercise in your workout.

How to Do Russian Deadlift

Here I will show you how to do this exercise using a barbell. You can also use the Dumbbell if you wish. These are the steps for Dumbbell as well. First of all, choose a barbell or Dumbbell with a weight that you can lift. Too much weight can cause injury.

Russian Deadlift
Russian Deadlift
  • First, hold the barbell in your hands slightly wider than the shoulder width. Keep the feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly.
  • Now keep your back flat and bend the hips and lower the bar. Keep your head forward. Keep the chest up.
  • When you move the bar down, it should be close to your shins. Your heels should receive most of the weight.
  • Don’t move the bar down until it hits the ground. Before that, lift the bar up. There, contract your glutes and bring the hips forward.Make sure your knees don’t collapse inward or outward. Always try to do the lifting with your legs.

This way, you can do as many reps as you want. Do not attempt to perform this exercise fast. Perform all movements with good control.

Russian Deadlift Variations

Single Leg Russian Deadlift

This exercise is excellent for building the stability of the ankles and knees.

Single Leg Russian Deadlift
Single Leg Russian Deadlift
  • First, hold two dumbbells with weights that fit you.
  • Now stand on one leg. Bend the standing leg slightly. Turn the other leg slightly back.
  • Then lower the Dumbbell to either side of your standing leg. It should be done by folding the standing leg. Lever the other leg back with the movement.
  • Lift Dumbbells before they hit the ground. Bring the raised leg to the front again. Here, too, you should keep your back flat throughout the entire exercise.

Do this with the number of reps you need, switch the legs, and do the same number of reps for the other leg.

Russian Deadlift Kettlebell

Your body needs to be maintained, as mentioned earlier. Hold the kettlebell in your hands and do the same as before. Take care to keep the kettlebell close to your feet when lower.

Kettlebell Russian Deadlift
Russian Deadlift Kettlebell

Also, a kettlebell can be taken by one hand and done as a single leg deadlift. Make sure to keep the kettlebell on the raised leg side hand.

What Muscles Does This Work?

russian deadlift muscles

Russian Deadlift is a workout for a large number of body muscles. That is why I said this is an exercise that you must do. This works mainly on the muscles of your feet and hip, such as the Quadriceps, Hamstring and Glutes.

It also works with the adductor muscles of the leg as well as your abs and obliques. The muscles in the lower back also work. In addition, Lats and Traps help to hold the weight on your hands.

Russian Deadlift is safer than a regular deadlift. This reduces the possibility of an accident and the possibility of an injury. But it would be best if you considered using the right technique.

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