About Me

I have been a fitness enthusiast for years. Throughout that time, I had to learn and search for a lot of information. I got them from websites, YouTube videos, books, and also from other guys in this field. But I had understood there are a lot of misleading and wrong things to filter by myself especially when it comes to fitness & bodybuilding. So now when I get some info I always check their scientific value. I read research papers, books by experts, reputed websites and always only stick to scientifically true things. I also check whether they are true or not by my own experience as a fitness trainer.

So I created this website to share with others the knowledge I gained. As I mentioned earlier, I always stick to the scientific things also in this website biceptricep.com. I hope to write not only things related to bodybuilding but also about day to day fitness.

Feel free to send any suggestions or comments to me.
Email: biceptricep.com@gmail.com

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