15 Water Aerobics For Weight Loss Even If You Can’t Swim

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Water Aerobics For Weight Loss Even If You Cant Swim

Almost all the workouts we do are done on the ground. But we can make fitness fun by doing different types of activities. Water aerobic exercises are a good example. They also have advantages that are unique to them. This article covers 15 water aerobics for weight loss that can be done even by someone who cannot swim. Step-by-step instructions on how to do each exercise. Anyone can do these exercises, not only for those who are losing weight.


Always take care of your safety while doing these exercises. If you have an accident in the pool while exercising, you may not be able to get out of it alone. So always do these exercises only when there is someone to help you. Also, if you cannot swim, do not go into deep water to do these pool exercises.

What are the benefits of Water Aerobic exercises?

Every movement in the water is an exercise. Water is approximately 850 times denser than air. Therefore a force must be exerted by the body to make any movement through it. As a result, some exercises in the water burns more calories than on land. (There are also times that you burn fewer calories)

Also, people float to some extent due to the upward thrust of water. This float makes it easy to exercise. It also reduces the risk of injury. The force exerted by the water reduces the stress on the joints of your body. Therefore, people with certain body injuries can also exercise in the water. (Follow your doctor’s instructions)

Water aerobic exercises in the pool are not as tiring as a workout on the ground. Water makes the body feel comfortable as it controls body heat and sweating. So a workout can be transformed into something fun. Water aerobics allows you to burn more calories with less effort.

15 Water Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

Knee Tuck

This exercise works on the muscles in your legs and core

  1. Walk in the pool until the water level up to your shoulders (be careful of the deep end!)
  2. Stretch your legs well and stand in the pool
  3. Now jump up from the feet and bend the legs and bring the knees close to the chest
  4. Before you go down to the water, stretch your legs again and return to your original position
  5. Repeat the same steps
Knee Tuck

Russian Twist

This exercise works on your Oblique muscles.

  1. Spread your legs and stand in the water
  2. Place the palms of both hands on top of each other and extend forward
  3. Move the outstretched arms from left to right through the water, keeping the lower body still
  4. Move both hands back to the other side. In doing so, you must carry the hand through the water to apply more force to them
  5. Repeat these steps several times

Leg Shooting

Leg shooting is an exercise that needs some practice. This activates the muscles in your legs and core.

  1. First, bend your legs and bring them close to your chest. Here you must not fall to the floor of the swimming pool
  2. Then quickly stretch your legs forward. At that point, your face should be up
  3. Now bring your feet close to your chest again without putting them on the pool floor
  4. Now quickly stretch your legs backward. Then your face should be down.
  5. Bring the legs back to the chest
  6. Do this alternately back and forward

Leg Kicks

  1. Stand in the pool with water at chest level.
  2. Gently hold the pool wall with one hand to balance if necessary
  3. Now straighten one leg and lift it as high as possible
  4. Lower that leg and lift the other leg in the same way.
  5. Alternately lift both legs continuously
Leg Kicks

Noodle Bike

For this, you need equipment called noodle that is used in the pools. It is a long floating cylinder made of foam.

  1. Hold a noodle between your legs
  2. Stay on the noodle and float on it
  3. Move your legs like you ride a bike while floating there
  4. Keep doing this while maintaining balance with the hands
Noodle Bike

Water Spiderman

This exercise is good for your back muscles and core muscles.

  1. Face the pool wall and stand next to it
  2. Keep both hands on the wall
  3. Hold the pool wall tightly with both hands and bring the feet up along the wall
  4. Move the feet back down
  5. Repeat this step as a spider climbs a wall.

Pool V Sits

This exercise is the pool version of the V Sits exercise, which is done lying on the floor. This works directly on your Abs.

  1. Go to an area where there is water up to your chest level in the pool
  2. Now extend your arms and legs and try to float in the water with your face up
  3. Now bend your waist at once and move the butt to the pool floor. Keep the body V-shaped
  4. Hold that position for two seconds
  5. Return to the original position
  6. Repeat these steps

Noodle Plank

You need a Pool Noodle to do this. This also activates your abs and core muscles.

  1. Go to an area with an average depth of the pool
  2. Put your hands on the noodle and place your body weight on it
  3. Keep the head facing down and out of the water. Keep the body straight and incline so that the feet are below the water
  4. Stay in this position for a few minutes as you can
Noodle Plank

Water Squat

Water squat is the pool version of the standard squat. This activates the muscles in your legs and the glutes. This is one of the best water aerobic exercises for weight loss.

  1. Go to a place in the pool where there is water below the waist level
  2. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart and stand up straight
  3. Move your body down as if you are sitting on a chair
  4. Slightly lower yourself past the level where the thighs and pool floor are parallel
  5. Now bring the body up again and stand
  6. Repeat the above steps for the required number of reps

Pool Bicycle

It works as a fat burning cardio exercise and also works on your core and leg muscles.

  1. Go to a place where there is water at chest level in the pool
  2. Stand with your body facing the pool
  3. Place your elbows on the pool wall and lift your legs slightly above the pool floor
  4. Now move your legs like you ride a bicycle
  5. Do it for a few minutes
Pool Bicycle

Kickboard Swimming

Although this article is also for those who cannot swim, swimming is a great full body exercise. But if you can’t swim, you can swim with a kickboard. Kickboard is a floating board made of foam.

  1. Take a kickboard and go to a place with average depth in the pool
  2. Keep your body balanced on the kickboard
  3. Now kick with your feet as you do in swimming
  4. Then you move forward on the water and do a few laps like this (if you can’t swim, avoid going into the deeper area of ​​the pool)
Kickboard Swimming

Fly Back

This works on your chest and back.

  1. Hold the body in a lunge position in the water with the head up
  2. Extend both arms forward and place the palms on top of each other
  3. Now hold both hands straight and bring them to your sides through the water
  4. Bring the arms back to the original position, keeping them straight
  5. Do a few reps this way and switch your legs and do the same number of reps again

Pool Push Up

This is called pool push up, but it is different from a standard push up. This activates the chest, tricep, and shoulder muscles.

  1. Face the pool wall and stand next to it
  2. Now bend your legs and lower yourself into the water so that only your head is above the water
  3. Now place your hands on the pool wall and push the whole body up out of the water until your hands are fully extended (try to apply full force with the hands without using force from the feet).
  4. Slowly return to step 2 position
  5. Repeat this as many times as needed
Pool Push Up

Water Jogging

Run in the pool as you would normally run on land. But you may not be able to run that fast because of the water. Since the body is in the water, even an injured person can run more easily than on land. Get advice from your doctor for that if you’re going to try.

Jumping Jacks


This is a good cardio exercise for weight loss. Go to an area where there is water at chest level and stand in the swimming pool. Now do as you do standard Jumping Jacks. Do this continuously for a few minutes until you feel tired.

Jumping Jacks at pool

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