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Russian Deadlift

Russian Deadlift Complete Guide with Variations

Deadlifts build up your legs, hips, back, and even increase core stability. Russian Deadlift is a great variation of the Deadlift. It does the job of regular Deadlift and minimizes the risk of injury...
Cable Machine

Cable Rear Delt Fly – High Cable,Single Arm,Lying & Bent Over

For the shoulder muscles to look good, all parts of it must grow together. But the most common mistake people make when building the shoulder muscle is not focusing the muscle on the back...
Bear Plank Leg Lifts

Bear Plank Leg Lifts Towards Stronger Abs, Thighs and Quads

Who doesn’t want to be fit and look fit? Everyone would want that killer body with stamina and energy. To achieve such a state in your body, you need commitment, dedication, and patience. Maintaining...
Getting Ready For Hang Power Clean

Hang Power Clean – The Technique Guide for Your Ultimate CrossFit Plan

The hang power clean is a combination of the power clean, which is an explosive full-body exercise plan. Among those who do exercises to keep fit, there are people like us who consider exercising...
Barbell Strict Press

Strict Press – The Perfect Method To Get That Fit Body!

Getting your body into that perfect shape is a dream for most of us. Then there are the guys who directly target on getting a healthy – muscular body. If you are planning to...
wider bicep

How To Get Wider Biceps | Scientific Method

Most people say they have a well-developed bicep peak, but it’s not wide from the front. Some people ask, “how to get thicker biceps? “, ” How to increase my bicep width?”. Same problem....