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Barbell Strict Press

Getting your body into that perfect shape is a dream for most of us. Then there are the guys who directly target on getting a healthy – muscular body. If you are planning to start a workout to strengthen your muscles and burn away the fat, the strict press would be an exercise that you should add in your schedule.


What is a strict press?

A strict press is an exercise that is purely focused on building those muscles and increasing the strength in them. It specifically targets the shoulder muscles and develops the power in your arms and shoulders.

When it comes to CrossFit, these strict presses play an increasingly important role. The strict press CrossFit is mainly targeted to increase the strength in your upper body.

What muscles does it involve?

The strict press involves the deltoid muscles in the shoulders. It also provides exercise to the triceps. Apart from that, you get the right amount of workout to your core body and your legs.

How to strict press?

When you are working on a strict press, you should always be careful that you do it in proper form. It would be better if you were cautious about the steps you follow and take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety – before, during, and after a workout.


So, this is how you should accurately do a strict press

  1. Stand straight with the bar on your front shoulders, while keeping your hands next to your shoulders.
  2. Your feet should be underneath the hips.
  3. Wrap the fingers and the thumb tightly around the bar with a close grip, while your hands are kept slightly outside the shoulders.
  4. Keep your midsection tight.
  5. Pull the head back slightly and press the bar upwards in a straight line.
  6. Once the bar has passed your head, return the head to a neutral position while you keep on pressing.
  7. Lock the elbows out and lift the shoulders. Make sure to keep your midsection tight.
  8. At the top of the press, pull the bar over the heel of the foot and bring the head through.
  9. Return the bar to the front rack while keeping the elbows in front of your shoulders at all times.

What should you keep in mind?

If you are someone who has been doing exercises for a long time, there is a high chance that you know of the accidents that occur because people do not follow instructions. Well, this exercise, in particular, needs strict discipline.

Given below are some of the most important points that you should keep in mind while doing a strict press.

  1. Keep a tight mid-section. As mentioned above, you should always keep your core tightened because there is a high possibility to arch the lower back.
  2. Make sure that the bar is on the palm and not on your fingers. This exercise will help you protect the wrists and keep it more stable.
  3. Keep your forearms vertical when starting the exercise.
  4. Make sure that your legs are kept entirely apart to assure that you are stable.

Advantages of performing the strict press

If I was to give a basic description of what precisely a strict media is, it is the moving of a load from the shoulder to the top of your head. You might have heard of it by some other names, too, such as the overhead press.

Whatever the name you use to call it, given below are some of the advantages that you can gain by performing this exercise:

  1. Within a few days of strict pressing, you will feel your core strength increase.
  2. Increase the strength in your shoulders and arms.
  3. Increase the shoulder hypertrophy.
  4. Provide exercise to your chest.
  5. Make your six-packs dream come true.

For whom does it suit?


Well, not all exercises are for all those who exercise. But the strict press is pretty good for anyone if they are performing under the supervision of a qualified trainer. This exercise is suitable for strongman, powerlifters, weightlifters, fitness athletes, and people who are concerned with their general fitness along with those who are looking for an exercise to strength and power sports.


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