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Most people say they have a well-developed bicep peak, but it’s not wide from the front. Some people ask, “how to get thicker biceps? “, ” How to increase my bicep width?”. Same problem. It’s looking good from the side view but not from the front. Let’s find how to get wider biceps.



First of all, I think you get a proper diet to fulfill the protein, carb, fat, vitamins & minerals requirement. If not, you have to correct that because the most important thing is getting proper nutrition.

Let’s see what are the main reasons for not getting wider biceps.

1. Genetics

Yeah, genetics plays a more significant role in bicep wideness. If you were lucky enough to get those genetics, it’s really easy to build wide biceps. Unfortunately, There’s no technology to make changes to genetics yet. Don’t worry. People are different. There’re other ways to get a wide bicep.

2. Not training full bicep

To learn this, we need to first look at the arm anatomy. The bicep is made with two muscles. The long head and short head. Most of the guys ‘ one head is more developed, and the other head is less developed. If you want to get the thicker look, you have to train both heads well. And there’s another magic muscle. It’s called the brachialis. It lays under the bicep muscles. You can’t see it from outside. But it’s an important muscle. Why? Because when you train that muscle, it gets bigger. So then it pushes out the bicep muscles. Because of that, your biceps look bigger and wider. If you don’t know about this muscle, this can be the main reason for you’re not getting wider bicep. Let’s look into solutions.

If you want to know more about the brachialis muscle look into this:


Solutions To Get Wider Biceps

You can’t change genetics. So don’t think about that. Let’s see the things we can do. In the first place, you have to get a proper diet, as I mentioned earlier. Then jump to the training methods.

1. Prioritize the brachialis

The brachialis muscle’s only purpose is to flex the arm. Researchers recommend you want to flex your arm with pronated or neutral grip to more target brachialis than biceps.

Supination,Neutral & Pronation Grip
Supination, Neutral & Pronation Grips

One exercise perfect for training brachialis is Dumbell Hammer Curl. It’s like doing a curl with a neutral grip. Watch this video if you don’t know how to perform that exercise. You have to do it slowly to get better benefits.

How To Do Dumbell Hammer Curl

2. Train the less developed bicep head

As I told earlier, Biceps are made with long head and short head. The short head is in the inside of the arm near to the chest and the long head is in outside of the arm. Look at your arm from a mirror and decide which one is less developed. If you don’t see a difference just mix up exercises for both heads. If you think the long head is less developed then do Incline Dumbell Curls to more focus on that.

Watch this video for instructions.

How To Do Incline Dumbell Curls

But the short head (inside the arm) is less developed then do Concentration Curls & Spider Curls. When you lift up the weight in Concentration Curls you can twist the arm from neutral grip to supinated grip to maximize the short head activation.

How To Do Concentration Curls
How To Do Spider Curls

So guys, try those things to increase the width of your biceps and put a comment about your progress . If you think this post is valuable then share it with your friends. Like our Facebook page to get the latest updates.

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