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Getting Ready For Hang Power Clean

The hang power clean is a combination of the power clean, which is an explosive full-body exercise plan. Among those who do exercises to keep fit, there are people like us who consider exercising as a part of our lives. If you are into those hardcore exercise plans, or if you are already trying a strict CrossFit plan, then this article is just for you. We shall first get things started with a small introduction to what a hang power clean is, and then will continue our little discussion on how to set up for a hang power clean and so on. So, buckle up and make sure you read until the end!


What is a hang power clean?

Hang power clean is a simple variation of hang clean. It’s an explosive exercise that involves the entire body if you do it correctly. If you are an athlete, then this would be the best exercise for you to try.

It has a minimal difference from the power clean in CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting. Well, the difference lies in the starting position of the hang power clean and the power clean. In a hang power clean, the pull is started right above the knee after standing with the bar, but the power clean begins directly from the ground.

How to do a proper hang power clean?

If you were to start to hang power cleans, you would know that this is an excellent way to extend the hips of the athletes.

When you are starting a hang power clean, you should make sure that you put a good focus on the hook grip that you have on the bar. You should try to practice it in the first place because even if you do it without hook gripping, that is not the ideal way.

Apart from those, a hang power is simply the same as the power clean.


Then it would be best if you made sure that the following steps are followed to get into the perfect exercise position.

  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Place your hands outside the knees (not too far)
  • Hold the entire weight on your heels
  • Start the bar as at the top of the deadlift
  • Rep by dipping a little forward

The beginning of the hang power clean should look as if you are trying to jump high – well, with a bar in your hand – but still, the knees and the lower body should look the same.

How to Perform a Hang Power Clean

Hang power positions

There are a few hang clean locations which all different according to the starting positions.

  1. High hang – upper thigh
  2. Mid hang – mid-thigh
  3. Hang – top of the knee cap
  4. Kneebar at the knee caps

Below kneebar just below the knees

Apart from those, the other steps involved here are just the same for all types of hangs. You can start the movement with whatever the position you prefer, in whatever you think is the best. But it would be best if you kept in mind to have at least a little bit of supervision when you try a new movement (with a unique starting point).


What should you focus on?

Since a hang power clean is a complicated and hard move, you should always make sure to perform it in real light. The practice would help you get to the right track as well.

You should also make sure to focus on the speed of your movements rather than the weight. Perform with manageable weights and keep more attention to the speed and the motions. It is the accuracy that will take you places.

It is best if you are sure to put your weight in the heels.

Make sure that the catch position is done in the best way because if you do it wrong, it could be both a pretty tricky position to engage with and also a dangerous situation.

Finally, you have to make sure that you keep your back engaged, without letting it arch at any point. Spine engagement should be in perfect rhythm with the movement because if things go wrong, there is a risk of getting hurt.

What are the benefits of doing a clean hang power?

If you are trying hard to become a stronger, more powerful, and explosive athlete, then this is the best exercise for you. This is an essential piece of workout to those who depend on the explosiveness of their shoulders and the hips.

It helps you to improve your power clean technique, to develop the strength in your shoulders, and to build those trapezius muscles. It will also provide you with the best opportunity to gain power.

You can even use it as a beginner’s guide to clean, before starting training from the floor.

It will provide you with the ability to develop force production in your body. It will also work very well as a lighter clean exercise for the brighter training days. If you are a professional weightlifter, or if you are planning to weightlift, then you will be able to find more than many uses of hang power clean movement in your daily exercise routine.

What muscles will get involved?

When you are working out a hang power clean, you will be working out your entire body. Like many of those tough exercises, the hang power, too, involves the strength in your whole body.

If you are training to CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting, then trust me, this is the best way to gain those extra strengths, power, and the explosiveness that you were trying so hard to get.

You will have to involve your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and even the legs alike to make this move in the best manner.


Hence, we can say that this exercise is the best you can do to make sure that your entire body gets the required amount of activity at just one go.

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