Fat Protein Efficient – What is it, How to Determine & Diet Plans


You may have heard the phrase “Fat Protein Efficient.” You may have heard of “Metabolic Typing” as well. But I hope you are reading this article because you have no right idea about it. So I made sure to write a brief article with all the details. This article includes what is Fat Protein Efficiency is and how you can determine whether you are Fat Protein Efficient or not and also how you should eat. If you are interested in fitness, this is a good thing to know.


What is Fat Protein Efficient Metabolism?

Different bodies are classified into three main categories according to the way they behave.

  1. Fat Protein Type – Fast Oxidizers
  2. Carbohydrate Type – Slow oxidizers
  3. Mixed Type

In some people, the body quickly digests food and converts it into energy. Therefore, if they want their body to function properly, they need to eat more foods that contain slow digestible fat and protein than highly digestible carbohydrates. They are called Fat Protein Type or Fast Oxidizers.

Some people’s bodies work against this. Their digestion is relatively slow. Therefore, they should always eat more carbohydrate foods to gain energy. They are called Carbohydrate Type or Slow Oxidizers.

Some people intermediately digest these two. It is impossible to say which group they belong to exactly. They are called Mixed Type. The reasons given above can be attributed to differences in obesity.

How do you know you are Fat Protein Efficient?

salty fat foods
Salty Fat Foods

Depending on your metabolic type, the way you think about food differs. Use it to identify your metabolic type. If you are a Fat Protein Efficient, you will always want to get heavy meals. You also tend to prefer salty & fatty foods more often than sweets. You simply like foods like potato chips and cheese. They prefer fruit, such as Avacado, even from fruits. (As an example only. Your personal choices may vary). They also like to eat more frequently. They see eating as a hobby.


There are also questionnaires to help you find your metabolic type. The most accurate test is the questionnaire in “The Metabolic Typing Diet” book by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey. You have to buy it to refer. But maybe you can find a website that gives the test free of charge by searching for “William Wolcott metabolic typing test.” Otherwise, just search for “metabolic type test” and use another free test to see if you are fat protein efficient.

A good one: https://play.howstuffworks.com/quiz/what-is-your-metabolic-type

How to Make a Fat Protein Efficient Diet Plan

Fat Protein Efficient Diet
Fat Protein Efficient Diet

A person with Fat Protein Efficiency can maintain their body only by consuming more protein-rich foods. This will help you get a body that is muscular and free of unwanted fat. By general recommendation, Fat Protein Efficient diet should include 50% of a person’s daily caloric intake with protein, 25% with fat, and 25% with carbohydrates. These values ​​may not be 100% accurate, but it is advisable to keep them close. I am not going to mention foods with those nutrients. If you don’t know about them, just search on Google. (foods with protein, foods with fats, foods with carb)

If these people eat too much carbohydrates, their bodies will become obese because their body burns that carb too quickly and gives it to the blood. It also increases the level of insulin and stores the fat quickly. Especially Eating simple carbohydrates like white rice, bread, candy should be minimized. Instead of them, complex carbohydrates that take longer to digest should be replaced.

Bottom Line


Eating as mentioned above can keep you healthy and good looking. But if you’re not professionally related to fitness, you shouldn’t be 100% follow them. Eat clean, nutritious food whenever possible. Don’t worry about occasional mistakes.


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