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Getting Ready For Hang Power Clean

Hang Power Clean – The Technique Guide for Your Ultimate CrossFit Plan

The hang power clean is a combination of the power clean, which is an explosive full-body exercise plan. Among those who do exercises to keep fit, there are people like us who consider exercising...
Nerd Neck

Nerd neck: Why It Happens and How to Fix It

You might see moments when people look as if they have a hunchback and as if their heads have been placed in front of their shoulders. This might seem as if it has occurred...
Barbell Strict Press

Strict Press – The Perfect Method To Get That Fit Body!

Getting your body into that perfect shape is a dream for most of us. Then there are the guys who directly target on getting a healthy – muscular body. If you are planning to...
Baby Shark Workout

Baby Shark Ab Workout | Step by Step Guide

A viral kids song and muscular abs? Not a good combination? But trust me this works. “Baby shark” is a popular kids’ song by a Korean Youtube channel named Pinkfong. I am sure you...
wider bicep

How To Get Wider Biceps | Scientific Method

Most people say they have a well-developed bicep peak, but it’s not wide from the front. Some people ask, “how to get thicker biceps? “, ” How to increase my bicep width?”. Same problem....